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PT Alfa Energi Investama, Tbk

PT Alfa Energi Investama, Tbk (AEI) is a trading company that focuses on natural resources especially in the coal sector.

Currently the company owns indirectly a coal mine, PT Alfara Delta Persada, an IUP of 2.089 hectar, in Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan. The company and its subsidiaries have 65 employees and 100 personnel from contractors and associated companies. In the future, the company is planning to increase its revenue from coal trading up to 3,5 million tons for the next 5 years.  

PT Alfa Energi Investama, Tbk is also planning to enter into electricity business through its subsidiaries Alfa Daya Energy. Together with PT Alfara Delta Persada, the plan to have coal fired power plant in the future is one of the company mission. 

AEI is currently relaying on its subs ADP as the main driver for the company. ADP concession had 21.560.000 tons in resources, and the company plans to revamp its production in the five years. Aside from ADP, AEI will also develop its mine Bumi Bara Jaya (BBJ), concession in Damai, 6.000 hectar AEI expect the concession will be able to produce high Caloric value coal to expand AEI future business.


Of PT Afa Energi Investama, Tbk


To be part of your energy solution


- Creating Value for stake holder
- Efficient production with good mining practice
- Participate in Electricity project using its coal resources
- Operates subsidiaries companies to increase shareholder value
- Develop human resources to sustain company activity and its operation
- Committed to environment and community